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Let's find other things to do!
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Subject:Concrete Suggestions to Alleviate UD's Drinking Problem
Time:03:44 pm
Here are some ideas? Feedback!

How to alleviate UD's drinking problem:

  • Have the library open late at night on weekends.

  • Improve the online calendar system:

    • Integrate the student events calendar and the official campus calendar into one site.

    • Appoint a full-time staff member to oversee maintenance of the calendar.

    • Make it very easy for student organizations and departments to post their own events.

    • Put pressure on departments to list all seminars/talks/public events on the calendar: make it an official rule that such events *must* be put on the calendar and then enforce this rule.

  • Make it easier for groups like the swing club and other groups interested in having public, fun, social dancing activities, or other fun things, to get rooms which are appropriate to their needs--e.g. in an ideal world, swing club would have a room with wooden floors, in a prominent and accessible location, and it would have the same room every week.

  • Encourage greater integration of grad students with undergrads. Grad students should be able to start and serve on the boards of student organizations. For example, every week, I have a games night at my apartment. It would be so neat if I could start a student organization and then rent out a room in perkins every week, but I can't do this. I can't start an organization because grad students can't start organizations.

  • Encourage grad students to live close to campus. Build more graduate housing. Make better tools for students to locate graduate housing close to campus. Create programs or co-ordinated effort to get grad students to move into apartments and housing near the campus by having them move all at once.

  • Combat the car culture. Get students to stay on campus by making it more expensive and difficult to keep a car on campus. Raise the price of permits and make the permit process more difficult and lengthy. Prohibit students from having a car on campus their first two years unless they have special reasons. (This has the added benefit of greatly reducing the college's expenditures on parking lots in the long run). Educate students more about the public transit options here (UD's buses, DART, SEPTA, AMTRAK).

  • Have more study areas on campus. It shocks me how few lounges many of the buildings have. Example: math department has a (crappy) undergraduate lounge, and no graduate lounge, and only one very small informal study area on the second floor. Smith hall has no lounges or study areas that I know of. Kirkbride of course has none. Every building should have study areas. There are very few lounges and study areas on campus, relative to what I knew at Oberlin.

  • Music! More practice rooms, especially more public practice rooms. And we should publicize them better--get people to play. Create more musical opportunities for non-music-majors. Make it easier to form chamber ensembles. Make it easy to rent out rooms for students to organize their own concerts and stuff. Get students making music for fun!

  • Allocate more money and resources to intramural sports. Think of how much money the football team gets. It was brought to my attention that the total budget for intramural sports is about $20K annually. That's NOTHING! That could be doubled or tripled and it would help so many students.

UD is plenty rich. Proportionally, it's obscenely rich for a school of its size. And it's not like these things would really cost that much--many of them might have hidden benefits which would reduce other costs in the long run...and they'd improve the things that are HARDEST to improve about the school, the things that would be most valuable in the long run...so in the end...I think it's worth money if it attracts a higher caliber of student, and improves the feel and reputation of the school, and if the students start having more fun outside of drinking, and drinking less. I would also like to see students here start drinking better beer, and I think that would be a priceless improvement. Gosh, they drink crap! We need to teach them what beer is. But anyway.
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Time:03:57 pm
Current Mood:curiouscurious

Is this community going to do a meet-up sometime this year like it did last year? Cuz I'd love to come this time :).
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Subject:Board Games Night
Time:09:24 pm
Current Mood:happyhappy
THIS Friday, September 2nd, Board Games Night.

7:30. 15 Benny Street Apt. 3. (Benny is a short street off of Lovett [think student services building], between Haines and Chapel)

Please call if you would like to come, so I can get an idea of how many people will be coming. (302) 366-7663.

Games available include:

  • Settlers of Catan

  • Carcassonne

  • Chess

  • Go (although it's a crappy board)

  • Card Games

  • Set

  • Apples to Apples

  • And more...

Bring food and drinks...or your favourite game.
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Time:07:10 pm
I am an incoming freshman, and an electrical engineering major. I LOVE MATH, and hanging out with my friends. The wierd thing about hanging out with my friends is that we do SOME CRAZY THINGS, without the aid of alcohol. Anyway, I'm in Russell, anybody else?
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Current Music:Thelonious Monk - Epistrophy
Time:08:12 pm
Current Mood:cheerfulcheerful
Hello...this community seems small, and not too active, but I'd be glad to add another person and perhaps some energy. I'm Alex...I'm going to be starting as a grad student in math this fall. I like...umm...swing dancing and board games and nature and reading and riding public transportation. And obviously, math.

I have a confession to make though...umm...I'm kind of addicted to beer. So it's sort of weird to join this community? But...about 2/3rds of the beer I drink is of the non-alcoholic sort, and I am certainly not a big fan of binge drinking. To me, alcohol is bad, but beer is sometimes so good that it justifies consumption of moderate quantities of alcohol. Is anyone else here a fan of non-alcoholic beer? Ok, so I'm weird.

Anyway, it's good to see that there are at least some people who are ok with identifying themselves as not being wild binge drinkers!
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Time:10:38 pm
and all this time i thought i was the ooooooonly one at U of D who was not partial to partying/drinking. hello my new friends

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Subject:Question about housing!
Time:10:01 pm
Current Mood:hopefulhopeful
I posted this in the u_of_d community as well, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask here too.

Anyway, are any of you going to be in Squire next year? I'm returning to UD after spending a year and a half at local college and am looking to (hopefully) make some friends before I show up. =)
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Time:12:54 pm
Current Mood:cheerfulcheerful
It's Monday, joy joy. ^^

So who's up for dinner in Trabant on Thursday (that would be the 21st of April) around 5:45ish?
I'll make a sign of some sort. ^.~

It feels like summertime!!!
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Subject:Hey everybody!
Time:12:53 pm
Current Mood:bouncybouncy
Hope you all had good spring breaks! Or at least got somewhat of a break over spring break... ^_^ My midterms are finally over, so I'm happy. (And only about a month left!! ^_^)

I was wondering if anyone would be up for another dinner in Trabant or some other sort of get-together, maybe sometime this week or next week?
And this time we won't be shy about asking people if they're waiting for people from an LJ community... or someone will have a sign. ^^;

Anywayz, comment and let me know what you all think, and that you're all still alive, etc... ^.~
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Time:07:12 pm
Current Mood:busy
hey guys!
i know it's been a looong time since anyone's posted... so i just wanted to make sure ya'll are still alive out there.
we're planning a bunch of things for after break, so keep an ear out or email voicesof8campusconcerns@hotmail.com for more info.
and please.... if anyone is ever interested in hanging out post somethin!!

for example... tomorrow is thursday. anyone who wants to come watch a movie at my place (i live in harrington C - across from the ATO house...not too late, i've got an exam at 10 on friday) leave me a note or somethin. i've got tons of movies, plus we can stop at harrymart and indulge in popcorn and snacks if ya want! hehe
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Let's find other things to do!
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You're looking at the latest 10 entries.
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